Fresh Start Legislation Act

The Fresh Start Act would reduce barriers to entering a profession by only allowing state licensing boards to deny licenses for past crimes that are directly related to the job sought excluding certain felonies. It would give those who committed an unrelated crime to the profession they wish to join a “fresh start.”

Incentive Grants for Better Re-Entry Outcomes

Tennessee’s prison population and recidivism rates have exploded. In fact, while the nation’s imprisonment rate fell by 8.4% over the past five years, Tennessee’s felon inmate population grew by 11.7%

Juvenile Justice Reform

The state should establish clear statewide guidelines to ensure that youth are not treated differently from one part of the state to another. In order to ensure that children remain in their homes and with their families whenever possible, community-based programs should be prioritized over out-of-home placements, especially for unruly and minor delinquent offenses.

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