Animal Massage License Repeal Act

The Animal Massage License Repeal Act permanently eliminates the veterinary board’s rule that state lawmakers temporarily halted in the 2017 legislative session. It allows Tennesseans looking to enter the profession to practice with minimal regulations to protect animals without an onerous government license.

Hair Braiding License Repeal

The Hair Braiding License Repeal act seeks to repeal the burdensome government requirement that an individual must obtain a license from the state cosmetology board in order to legally braid hair.

Locksmith License Reform Act

Tennessee is one of only 14 states to require a license and has the 2nd most onerous licensing law nationwide, behind only New Jersey.

Tell Legislators to Vote “NO!” on New Auctioneer License

Selling items online is a great way for Tennesseans to make extra money or start a business. We shouldn’t be passing laws that make it harder to do so. SB2081-HB2036 would drastically expand the scope of the auctioneer licensing law to include many online sales. Tell legislators to vote “NO” on SB2081-HB2036. People who just want to make a better living should not have to get a costly auctioneer license.

For more information visit the Beacon Center of Tennessee.