Locksmith License Reform Act

The Problem

The rising tide of government licensing has been drastic over the past half-century. In 1950, just one in 20 American workers required a license or certificate in order to obtain a job. Today, it is estimated that up to 30% of Americans need government permission to earn a living.  One major example is locksmiths, as Tennessee is one of only 14 states to require a license and has the 2nd most onerous licensing law nationwide, behind only New Jersey.

The Solution

The Locksmith License Reform Act seeks to reform and reduce burdensome government regulations surrounding locksmiths, while still protecting consumers and providing for more effective enforcement.

What the Bill Does

Under the Locksmith License Reform Act, the state level license will change to a local registration. Going forward, those seeking to become a locksmith will apply with their local sheriff by offering proof of insurance and a background check.

Afterwards, the bill provides a better enforcement mechanism. Fire marshals will inspect properties of any installation to ensure consumer safety. Finally, the bill bolsters penalties for consumer protection act violations of practicing as a locksmith or holding oneself out to be a locksmith without going through the above process.

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