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Cutting Red Tape in Permitting

There’s almost nothing when building, repairing, or expanding a house or other piece of property that doesn’t require some kind of government permit. Because of government inefficiency, there are often huge delays with obtaining permits, causing problems with construction projects. Even worse, some cities playing politics with permits have started to “deny by delay,” holding up applicants in endless bureaucratic red tape, effectively killing projects or business startups. Permits should not exist as tools to achieve policy ends nor serve to protect governments but ensure the safety of other residents.

Some states like Georgia, allow you to hire a private company to conduct inspections instead of the local government and then the city or county has 30 days to approve or deny the permit. Tennessee should do same to protect property owners and ensure local governments don’t play politics with permits.

Email your lawmakers to protect property owners and ensure people get permits for their
property as they deserve!

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