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It’s Time For Zoning Reform

For years, Tennessee has been an in-migration state, with thousands moving here due to its favorable policies. The pandemic accelerated this trend, as Americans from blue states sought to escape heavy-handed restrictions, take advantage of the changing nature of work, and benefit from Tennessee’s lower cost of living. As a result of that in-migration and […]

Cutting Red Tape in Permitting

There’s almost nothing when building, repairing, or expanding a house or other piece of property that doesn’t require some kind of government permit. Because of government inefficiency, there are often huge delays with obtaining permits, causing problems with construction projects. Even worse, some cities playing politics with permits have started to “deny by delay,” holding […]

Reforming the Home Improvement Contractors License

In a time with 40-year high inflation and 20-year high mortgage rates, many people and families cannot afford to buy a new home. Here in Tennessee the problem is even worse as Tennessee had the 4th highest increase in home prices in the nation. As a result, some may look to renovate or remodel a […]

Have a Voice in Massive Property Tax Increases

Despite tax cuts in recent years at the state level, there have been significant tax increases at the local level, especially property taxes. In 2019 alone, more than $208 million in proposed or adopted property tax increases occurred across the state. It doesn’t help Tennesseans if their taxes are cut at the state level only […]