Tennessee should create an environment that allows new businesses and innovators to develop and bring their businesses to the market, creating jobs and improving the lives of all. Tennessee leaders should look to study and work with industry leaders to ensure Tennessee’s business landscape is ready for new technologies, whether that is drones, autonomous vehicles, or other innovations.

Why can’t Tennessee lead the nation in innovation freedom or be the next Silicon Valley? Or perhaps more importantly, what will our lives look like if we don’t?

decoupling Tennessee’s research and development taxes

By separating Tennessee from the federal law’s pending tax hike on companies investing in research and development, we can avoid a double tax increase on our innovators and businesses.

Food Truck Freedom

Food trucks must navigate a patchwork of state and local regulations in every city where they serve customers, even if they are operating on private property. Local regulations vary from city to city, and food trucks must also pay fees and get licenses and permits in multiple cities. This system creates needless burdens for food truck operators.

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