Governments require permits or licenses for a wide variety of undertakings—everything from building a home to starting a business to buying a gun. Being free means not having to ask for permission, yet today America is slowly turning from a free society into a “permission first” society where our freedoms are regarded as privileges the government grants us. This is especially prevalent in property-rights issues. Some homeowners have made financial decisions planning on the ability to make extra income renting out their homes like on Airbnb and Vrbo. This extra income homeowners can earn is so vital in this age of high inflation and economic uncertainty.

But some cities in Tennessee are trying at every turn try to take away people’s property rights by banning permits in certain areas, banning certain types of permits like non-owner occupied or even owner-occupied, or even worse, denying permits based on pending ordinances that haven’t passed. Where else are you subject to a law that hasn’t been passed yet!

Everyone has a right to use their property as they see fit as long as they comply with reasonable regulations like paying taxes and nuisance laws. Do you agree? 

Freedom for Short-Term Rentals

Home sharing is vital to our state and local economies, as it supports our flourishing tourism and caters to populations not adequately served by the hotel industry.

For more information visit the Beacon Center of Tennessee.