Authorizing students with dyslexia to benefit from the IEA program

Since 2015, Tennessee has allowed parents of students with special needs the opportunity through the Individualized Education Account (IEA) program to take some of their own tax dollars to pay for services like tutoring, educational therapy, textbooks and other learning materials, or even private school tuition to give their child the wrap-around services or environment that best fits their needs. 

However, students with dyslexia have not been able to take advantage of this program. These students face additional challenges and may need additional support or a different environment than a school that doesn’t fit their needs, yet they are shut out of this beneficial program. 

Now, parents and students with dyslexia will have an option. There is a new bill in the Tennessee General Assembly that allows students with dyslexia the opportunity to participate in the IEA program and get the services they need and deserve. 

Email your lawmakers to show your support for giving parents and students with special needs greater choice and education options!


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