Right to Work Constitutional Amendment

The Problem

There are few rights more important than the freedom to choose whether or not to join a union or pay union dues. As a Right to Work state since 1947, Tennessee has a long history of protecting this right. Right to Work attracts businesses, and leads to higher GDP and employment growth. Along with other pro-growth policies, Right to Work has been one of the main drivers behind Tennessee’s strong economy. However, demographics change. As Tennessee becomes more urban, it could mean a turn towards a more pro-union state. Further, there is a discussion at the national level to undermine or outright ban state Right to Work policies. This fundamental right must be protected. and now is the time to strike.

The Solution

By placing Right to Work in the Tennessee constitution, we can help protect against these imminent attacks and ensure the economic benefit of future generations of Tennesseans.

What the Bill Does

Similarly to the constitutional ban on personal income taxes, the Right to Work constitutional amendment simply puts policy that currently exists in statute on the ballot to be placed in the Tennessee constitution.

 Who This Impacts


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