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Local Governments Shouldn’t Be Collecting Teacher Union Dues

Did you know that currently, local schools use taxpayer money to help collect dues for teacher unions, and a portion of those funds are sent to national organizations to advance their radical political agendas

It’s time for Tennessee to change its laws to ensure taxpayer funds are not being used to help collect money for political organizations. A bill in the Tennessee General Assembly does just this by simply saying school districts cannot collect dues on behalf of the union or any other organization that engages in political activity. If a teacher wants to join the union, they can still do so voluntarily—just like any other organization—without the help of taxpayer dollars.

Status Update: In 2023, the General Assembly passed this legislation prohibiting local governments from spending taxpayer money to collect union dues. We would like to thank Governor Lee, Representative Debra Moody, and Senator Bill Powers for championing this legislation to ensure taxpayer dollars are not used to collect union dues.

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