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Protecting the Rights of Tennessee Workers

Did you know that sometimes unions can form without workers ever voting to create a union? Through a process called “card check” workers are stripped of their right to privately vote whether to unionize. When a majority of workers sign “authorization cards” sometimes under intense pressure and intimidation from union supporters, a company can choose to waive the vote and certify the union, depriving workers the basic right of a private vote and ballot. Even worse, the state of Tennessee can give taxpayer dollars to companies who choose to waive these votes, meaning state tax dollars go to companies who deprive workers of their right to vote. If a company is going to receive Tennessee taxpayer money, they shouldn’t be allowed to deny Tennessee workers their basic right to vote whether to unionize.

Status Update: In 2023, the General Assembly passed this legislation protecting the rights of workers. Under this law, workers are free to join a union, but cannot be forced to join one as a condition of their employment.

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